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Lotus Symbol Bracelet
Lotus Symbol Bracelet

Lotus Mindfulness Bracelet

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Stay mindful of your power to rise up and overcome obstacles with the Lotus Symbol Mindfulness Bracelet

The lotus symbol represents the limitless potential we each have.

Upon rising up above the mud, the lotus flower reaches it's full beauty, much as we must face challenges in life to then reach higher levels of enlightenment.

The power of the lotus symbol in this bracelet is paired with Tigers Eye, a power stone revered for it's grounding abilities. Tigers Eye has a stabilizing energy and is useful in nourishing the soul during difficult times.

The Lotus Mindfulness Bracelet is completed by Lava Stone beads. Coming from the fiery core of the Earth, lava cools to make attractive porous black stone. Lava Stone is used to bring calm and aid relaxation. In wearing stone from the core of the Earth, the wearer can feel more connected to nature, bringing a sense of peace.

Use the Lotus Mindfulness Bracelet to keep in mind that you can work through any limitations, and the most difficult of circumstances, to reach your full potential.

Product Details:

Item Type: Beaded Bracelet

Material: Zinc Alloy Charm, Lava Stone Beads, Tigers Eye Beads

Gender: Unisex

Bracelet Size: 19 cm / 7.5 inches

Bead Size: 8 mm

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Lotus Symbol Bracelet