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Using Your Pendulum in Reiki Healing…and Beyond

As one of the most well-known and powerful forms of energy healing, reiki offers wonderful results. Reiki works to balance one’s internal life force, offering healing for mind, body, and soul on a level often provided miraculous results. Reiki can be combined with other healing modalities, blending the energy of the two together to create an energy that goes beyond reiki healing alone.

Pendulums are another healing modality that offer answers to the questions people have, giving guidance in a way no other form of healing comes close to. Combing reiki with pendulums can offer some amazing outcomes to those seeking healing on the deeper levels this combination of techniques provides.

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a beautiful tool that will help access the collective consciousness, as well as a person’s own divine nature. A pendulum amplifies one’s naturally intuitive energy and offers an outlet of unprecedented understanding and clarity. Anyone is able to work with a pendulum, and with practice it will help to open one’s eye to reflect on their current state of spiritual and emotional energy.

A pendulum allows a person to access their innate knowing and find the answers to the questions they are looking for. Your higher self already knows the answers to the questions you seek. By using a pendulum, it is easier to access these higher aspects of the self and become connected with the answers that are already inside of you.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a way of uncovering energy and revealing answers. Dowsing became widely known in 1920 when underground water and minerals were found with the help of a dowser. The use of dowsing however, dates all the way back to ancient China, where it was used to find answers to particular questions. Dowsing offers three generally possibilities to the answers a person seeks. Yes, no, and maybe are the answers one will receive when dowsing.

Choosing and Bonding with Your Pendulum

When choosing a pendulum to work with, it’s important to let your intuition be your guide. Having a pendulum with minimum metal casing is preferable, as metal will interfere with the healing energies. Bonding with your pendulum is as simple as offering your gratitude towards the answers it will provide. You can also bond with your pendulum by offering the divine energy that is already present within.

Your pendulum will give back what is given. It is wise to handle your pendulum with loving intention. Doing so will ensure you are guided to the answers that offer the best direction for the particular answers you seek.

How Does a Pendulum Assist in Healing?

Many reiki practitioners will permeate their pendulum with reiki energy prior to using it. When used in reiki sessions, a pendulum can provide a deeper sense of healing. It can assist in relieving physical and emotional pain, blocked energy, negative energy that has been picked up by other people or entities, and is an excellent aid in balancing the chakras.

Charging Your Pendulum to Use with Reiki

To charge your pendulum and begin using it with reiki, give it reiki for 5-10 minutes. At this time, you may choose to call upon reiki masters, guides, masters, and angels to bless your pendulum and guide you in assisting with vibrational healing. Once the pendulum has been charged, offer it your gratitude and begin using it to find the answers you seek.

Using Your Pendulum with Reiki Healing

The use of a pendulum is common amongst those who practice reiki. Some of the most common reasons for using a pendulum while giving reiki include to see what is taking place within a person’s chakra system, to ask questions about what direction to take in the reiki session, to see what would be most beneficial to the person receiving reiki, and to select various crystals and complementary therapies.

It’s common to hold the pendulum above each chakra to find the energy it contains. When a chakra is healthy, the pendulum will move in a clockwise circle over the chakra. If there are blockages or the chakra is unhealthy, the pendulum will move in a direction other than clockwise.

When asking the pendulum the direction to take in a reiki session, you might hold it over different parts of the person’s body to see where healing energy is needed the most. When there is a need for healing in a particular area of the body, the pendulum should let you know by moving in a particular direction.

When using a pendulum with reiki healing (or on its own), it’s important to let your intuition be your guide. If your intuition is telling you something other than what your pendulum suggests, it’s always best to follow your intuition. At our core, we all have the ability to help others heal and live authentically. Your intuition is truly the best guide when it comes to offering others the energy that will offer the answers they seek to live their best lives.

Crystal Healing

Not only does a pendulum provide answers when asking what crystals to use for healing, but there are also pendulums made out of certain crystals. Our beautiful pendulums come in six different crystals to choose from, each that hold their own unique energy when it comes to healing mind, body, and spirit.

Opalite: Encourages inner strength, helps during times of change, facilitates success in business, balances yin/yang energy, is known to boost libido, works with third eye chakra

Rose Quartz: Restores trust, encourages self-love, helps repair relationships, opens the heart at all levels, offers reassurance and calm, and dispels negativity, opens heart chakra

Clear Quartz: Balances all chakras, regulates energy, balances mental and physical energy, aids in concentration, good for memory recall, known as the “master healer”

Green Aventurine: Releases negativity and blockages, increases concentration, activates the heart chakra, aids in intellectual pursuits, increases creativity

Black Agate: Protects against negative energies, helps one overcome fear, attracts good fortune, helps one achieve success, offers courage when needed, brings balance to root chakra

Tigers Eye: Offers balance and vitality, helps ease depression, decreases anxiety, helps one organize and create order, helps with focus, helps with solar plexus and root chakra energy

Each gorgeous pendulum we offer is cleansed prior to shipping to ensure it arrives ready to absorb your own unique energy. Pendulums aren’t just for reiki healing. Use your pendulum to find the answers you seek and the energy that is most important for you to harness in the moment. For many, a pendulum is an integral part of their spiritual practice and something that helps guide them closer to their own individual truth and understanding.

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