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The Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Tigers Eye

Tiger's Eye Meaning

Tiger’s Eye has a long history of one of the most revered stones there are. Its use dates back to the ancient Egyptians who chose this stone to represent divine vision and for this reason was used for the eyes in their deity statues. When worn by humans it was believed to allow the wearer to observe anything and was considered the “all-seeing, all-knowing eye”. Tiger’s eye was also used by Roman soldiers as it was thought to keep them brave during battle.

Tiger’s Eye is truly a power stone and it has been thought of highly throughout history. It is believed to be a stone of prosperity and one that brings good fortune. Tiger’s eye is an excellent stone to use when you wish to protect your assets and will also aide in helping bring stability and awareness.

When looking for balance (something absolutely necessary for living a happy and healthy life), Tiger’s Eye can prove to be an excellent stone to work with. It helps to move one out of a realm of division between opposition, bringing harmony and balance to opposing extremes. It helps to show one the delicate balance of how opposite forces are intricately connected.

What is Tiger's Eye?

Tiger’s Eye can be found all over the world, but the most abundant source is in South Africa. Deposits of the stone are also found in the US, Western Australia, Brazil, Burma, and India.

It is a variety of microcrystalline Quartz, but isn’t considered a true quartz crystal per say. It is part of the quartz family and gets its unique color from golden asbestos fibers. Tiger’s Eye holds beautiful gold and yellow brown colors throughout making it quite an attractive stone to wear or carry.

The chemical composition of Tiger’s Eye is mainly made up of silicone dioxide. It has a hardness of 5.5-6 and tends to carry a glassy luster and translucent to opaque transparency.

The Metaphysical Properties of Tiger's Eye

If you’re looking for more mental or physical activity, Tiger's Eye properties are for you. Tiger's eye stone encourages energy and is closely related to the lower chakras that hold the physical and grounding energy of our energetic system.

Tiger’s Eye stone is perfect when you need help directing your will. It provides the support necessary to facilitate change in one’s life and helps one to be clear with their intentions. It is also helpful in inspiring an individual to use their talents and harness their creative abilities.

Those looking to attract more wealth would benefit from using Tiger’s Eye. Not only does it help to bring good fortune, but also encourages one to properly manage wealth once it is acquired.

People that suffer from fear and anxiety will find that that Tiger's Eye stone helps them to release these negative feelings. It is excellent for providing harmonious feelings that encourage one to take action instead of living in fear of the unknown. It is also a stone that is used to balance the brain, so can be helpful to those experiencing mental disorders.

Tiger’s Eye is known for the courage and self-confidence it instills in someone who uses it. It is also a great stone to use when going through difficult times.

Tiger's Eye Properties in Crystal Healing

When used for healing purpose’s Tiger’s Eye balancing one’s energy and offering the grounding necessary to support the soul through turbulent times. People suffering from depression have found solace from using Tiger’s Eye, as well as the confidence necessary to manifest their dreams.

Physically Tiger’s Eye properties support the healing of broken bones and fractures. It is also excellent to help lower blood pressure and helps with problems of the heart. It is great for colon health and strongly supports other organs of the body including: the spleen, bladder, liver, and kidneys. Tiger's eye stone is also good for healing the reproductive system.

Anyone who is physically weak or suffering from illness can benefit from Tiger’s Eye properties, which help to increase overall life energy. It is amazing for fortifying the blood and will truly restore balance on a multitude of different levels.

It should come as no surprise that Tiger’s Eye has long been used to heal ailments of the eyes. It has been said that this stone will help to increase night vision and is also good for various throat conditions.

The Beautiful Energy of Tiger's Eye

Like all crystals, Tiger’s Eye holds a very special energy. It is this stone that offers warmth and stability, making it excellent to connect with Earth’s energy and stay grounded even in the most difficult of times. It is said to connect one with the spiritual energy of the sun and is used to keep the soul nourished and sustained.

Tiger’s Eye has proven to help one balance their own energy, allowing one to harness peace and steadiness in all their pursuits. It is one of the most powerful stones to awaken Kundalini energy and stimulates activity in the Third Eye.

Tiger’s Eye stone is wonderfully grounding when used in meditation and can initiate out of body or mind travel. Meditating on financial pursuits with Tiger’s Eye can increase abundance and help tremendously in money-making undertakings.

Tiger’s Eye is one of the best stones for keeping energy both balanced and grounded. When used with intention, Tiger’s Eye can have profound effects on the user. It can be used to help “read” other’s energy and to provide excellent protection when this energy is negative or deceitful.

Those who use Tiger’s Eye will find their energy more directed and inspired to make conscious choices for the betterment of their life. They will also find a pure energetic feeling fill them with the energy they need to manifest all mental and physical desires.

Those looking for stability will find an abundance of it when wearing or carrying Tiger’s Eye. Excellent for helping one to reconnect while in a relaxed state, Tiger’s Eye properties are a must for those looking for grounding, powerful energy that will sustain them throughout all their endeavors.

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