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Obsidian Properties and Healing Benefits







As one of the more protective stones that can be found, the primary obsidian property is to guard against negative energy. Not only can it repel negativity from others, but obsidian also does a tremendous job at protecting against negative environmental energies and outside negative influence. 



Obsidian is excellent for relieving tension and stress and is used as a
powerful healer on many different levels. The metaphysical properties held within obsidian are strong and will help you move forward towards your best life. Obsidian is one of the most powerfully charged stones to help stimulate personal growth, while encouraging you to accept and be who you really are.

Obsidian is an excellent stone to work with when you desire to clear past traumas and heavy emotional baggage. When feeling confused it will bring clarity. When feeling chaos it will bring calm. Obsidian is also good for enhancing one’s compassion both for self and others.

What is Obsidian?

Made from lava that was forced to cool extremely rapidly, obsidian is a type of naturally occurring volcanic glass. The largest sediments of obsidian are found in Mexico and India, although it can be found all over the world.

Obsidian can be found in a wide range of different colors. The most commonly found (and widely used) color of obsidian is black. Other colors include snowflake (black and white), green, blue, red, bright golden, and silver. Apache tears are also a type of obsidian.

The chemical composition of obsidian is comprised of 70-80 percent silica and 20-30 percent magnesium and iron oxide. It’s got a hardness of 5-5.5, making it similar to the hardness of glass.

The Metaphysical Properties of Obsidian

If you’re feeling stuck in life or that life has become stagnant and you need help moving forward, obsidian is an excellent stone to work with. It does an a amazing job at helping you to recognize what’s holding you back, as well as identify your weaknesses and internal issues.

Obsidian is a stone that openly shows you the hard truth of what needs to be changed in order to move forward. Do you feel stuck in a certain situation? Have you been holding onto a particular negative emotion for too long? Is your ego getting in the way of you making the best decisions for your life? Obsidian will show you why. 

Using obsidian can be a very powerful experience and is a stone that should be respected for the strong energy it contains. Using obsidian can bring up some painful emotions, and remembering we must work through what’s holding us back to move forward in our life is important when using this stone.  

Obsidian is often used in meditation and is an excellent stone to guide you in spiritual and healing work. Its grounding energy allows you to connect more closely with the earth. When we are connected to the earth, it is much easier to connect with ourselves and heal the parts of us that are hurting.

Whatever unrest you feel in your soul can be released through the use of obsidian. Negative emotions get a “clean sweep” through working with obsidian. It’s a great tool to help remove feelings of anger, anxiety, jealously, and fear.

Obsidian is the perfect stone to reach for when you’re seeking self-growth. It offers tremendous support for this often painful process and is very good for helping to heal the soul. Obsidian allows for us to move past previous traumas and stimulates personal growth and self-reflection.

Working with obsidian can become very intense. Even if you feel that you’re ready to face your deepest emotions, working with obsidian can (at times) be an emotionally painful experience. If you find obsidian to be too powerful, you may want to work with snowflake obsidian as it carries less intensive energy.

Obsidian Properties in Crystal Healing

Obsidian is often used in crystal therapy to pull negative energy out of the body. We all hold on to stress and tension from time to time, and obsidian is an excellent way to help us release. It can be placed under one’s pillow when they sleep to help draw out these negative emotions and can also be carried to shield one from outer negative energies.

While the properties of obsidian so far mentioned will apply to all types and colors of obsidian, different colors also hold different properties as well. The following varieties of obsidian all hold different healing properties.

Black Obsidian Properties

Black obsidian can help facilitate meditation and offers the gift of intuition to those who care to harness this energy. It’s good for emotional release and is excellent for helping one get over a past love that’s hard to let go of. When you place black obsidian at your third eye it can help remove mental blocks holding you back, and when placed at the naval provides a very strong grounding energy.

Gold Obsidian Properties

Gold obsidian is a wealth manifestation stone, helping the wearer to attract their desired reality. This variety of obsidian works particularly well within the solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura. Look to gold obsidian for healing properties that will help you to recognise your own power by aligning your energy to that of the universe or higher will.

Blue Obsidian Properties

Blue obsidian is the stone to turn to when you are looking for deeper intuition. It is often used in past life regression therapy, helping one to recall and release emotions that have been carried for lifetimes. It is a stone used in fortune telling and can encourage a trance-like state.

Silver Obsidian Properties

When used in crystal therapy silver obsidian provides an excellent tool for crystal gazing. It is often used for this exact purpose and can help with astral projection. It is also an excellent stone to instill patience and determination.

Snowflake Obsidian Properties

This popular variety of obsidian is used to help one take a deep look at negative thought patterns and emotions associated with them. It is excellent for centering and invoking a calm state of mind. Physically snowflake obsidian is said to encourage smooth skin and support the skeletal system. Snowflake obsidian is often used in place of black obsidian because its energy is less intense while offering similar healing effects.

Over all, obsidian is a great stone that offers protection from negativity and insight into one’s self. It’s excellent for providing calm and can help release even the most negative emotions within a person. It is a popular stone in crystal healing and is good at quickly bringing up one’s personal truth so they can see what needs to be resolved within. Obsidian is powerful and when used correctly will help restore balance to body, mind, and soul.

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