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The Tree Of Life Meaning and Beauty

The tree of life can be found throughout countless different cultures and holds meaningful spiritual significance. It is the tree of life that connects all forms of creation throughout the universe. The tree of life meaning is one of deep spiritual symbolism and is perhaps the most well-known symbol in sacred geometry.

The tree of life spans back thousands of years and is literally an integral aspect of numerous different cultures throughout the world. The sacred geometric design of the tree of life is closely connected to the Jewish Kabbalah and is a design that is found throughout nature and the cosmos.

Found within the ancient flower of life symbol, the tree of life is also thought of as a mystical tree that is found throughout the world. Different cultures that have historically had an intimate connection to the tree of life span throughout the course of time. From ancient Egyptians to early Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus the tree of life has long held considerable meaning.

The Tree of Life Meaning

The Tree of Life Connects Us to Everything in the Universe

The tree of life is believed to contain everything that is. Within the tree you have roots, branches, leaves, seeds and fruits. And also all that is contained within each of these different aspects, each closely connected to each different part to form that which is the entirety of the universe.

The tree of life is a connection to all that exists. It is a connection to nature, the cosmos, and the universe within our own minds. It is a link to our ancestors, to the past, present, and future. Past lives and energetic fields that exist within us all.

The Tree of Life Among Different Cultures

The ancient Egyptians saw the tree of life as one that embodied the unfolding of events that brought everything into being. In the Baha’i faith, the tree of life represented the true manifestation of God. It is believed that the tree of life in Buddhist teachings is the Bodhi tree, under which the Buddha sat and gained enlightenment. And in Christianity, the symbolism of the tree of life is found as the source of eternal life in the Garden of Eden. It’s also said that the medicinal fruit from the tree of life is Jesus Christ.

From ancient to present times, the tree of life has held extreme spiritual significance and is truly seen as a connection to all that is, all that was, and all that will be. One of the most decorated depictions of the tree of life can be found within the Jewish Kabbalah, and has taken representation here deep into the depths that underlie its meaning.

The Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

The tree of life holds great significance within the teachings of the ancient Kabbalah. The pattern of the tree of life outlined in the Kabbalah forms a unique sacred geometrical grid over our bodies that aligns with our chakra system and entire energetic field. Made up of eleven different energy centers known as “sephirot” and are created in the image of God and the qualities that are inherent in each and every one of us.

The Eleven Serphipot and the Tree of Life

In the pattern outlined in the Kabbalah, the tree of life is represented by three vertical pillars on which the eleven Serphipot are geometrically intertwined from top to bottom. The center pillar represents consciousness, the right force, and the left form. It is said that when the soul is coming into a more fully awakened state, one’s energy moves between the pillars experiencing the many emotional and mental states that make up the moments of life. The eleven Serphipot are as follows, each representative of a part of our eternal consciousness.

Malkhut is at the base of the tree of life and represents our connection to earth. Much like the first chakra, malkhut is where we find our ground and center.

Yesod is directly above malkhut and is the representation of the ego. Like the second chakra, yesod is are basic means of instinct and survival.

Hod is the center of communication and where we are able to process information and use intuition.

Nezah holds our instinctual responses to what happens in life. It is what instinctually draws us to or deters us from giving our energy to certain people or situations.

Tiferet is the true self. It is within Tiferet that we find our own unique truth and where we brilliantly express ourselves to the world.

Gevurah can be thought of as our warrior self, and where we set up the energy to guard and protect our own truth found. Here is where we find and harness our will.

Hesed is our center of love. Here we find compassion and live and love openly. This is also the energy that leads us to follow what our heart’s truly long for.

Daat is our own internal knowledge, one that we find through experiencing the moments that make up our life. It is here where we are able to use this knowledge to transform into the person we are destined to become.

Binah is where we reach divine understanding and are finally able to understand the laws of the cosmos that are at work within each of us. This is the center of fate and outlines how all events are innately tied together as part of a much larger plan.

Hokhmah offers wisdom and the divine understanding that can offer change at some of the most incredible levels possible. This is creative energy in one of the rawest forms, and where we can access the limitless possibilities available to us all.

Keter can be likened to the crown chakra, where all limitations are dissolved and we reach a true state with the divine. Here is where we experience the nirvana of bliss and where true inner peace can be experienced.

The tree of life outlined by the Kabbalah is one of the best-known representations of the tree of life that is part of human existence everywhere. This can be thought of as the tree of life that resides within us all, our roots keeping us deeply grounded to reality while our branches reach continually for the light of the sun and the stars above.

The tree of life is our own transformation. It symbolizes the moments of creation to the moment of enlightenment…and everything that is contained in between. The wisdom found within the tree of life can help teach us mastery of self on many different levels and ultimately transform our world, reconnecting us with life and everything of which it is comprised. 

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