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Jasper Properties: Strengthen Your Emotions, Relieve Stress & Balance Your Energy

Jasper Properties

Often called the “nurturing stone”, jasper is a gentle stone that provides comfort and relaxation. It’s a stone that has long been used to provide greater relaxation and can guide one to peace…even in stressful situations. There’s a comfort found in jasper that is unparalleled to any other stone there is, it helps bring a wholeness to the user that is filled with wellbeing and compassion.

Jasper is an extremely balancing stone and provides stability in life and in one’s endeavors. It balances yin/yang energy and is excellent at offering emotional healing, security, and strength. It is also a powerful stone to help one remember that we’re not just here for ourselves, but are experiencing life on Earth to help bring joy, peace, and affluence to others.

If you wish to bring more beauty into your life, jasper is an excellent stone to work with. It’s one that generates not only beauty in life, but in specific situations as well. Jasper helps one exude both inner and outer beauty and can generate feelings of immense satisfaction with one’s physical attributes.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an extremely dense form of quartz. It’s colored by oxides of iron and can be found in almost every color. It also occurs almost everywhere in the world, with the principal deposits found in Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, the United States, and Uruguay.

Jasper is mainly composed of silicon dioxide with a hardness of 6.5-7. Usually multi-colored or banded, the hue of jasper will range from brown, blue, red, yellow, orange, green, and black. It is often multi-colored with many named for the region in which they were mined.

The Metaphysical Properties of Jasper

Jasper has been used historically throughout all civilizations and amongst many different cultures. The Native Americans used jasper in rain dances, and it has been used by shamans for centuries. It’s long been considered a stone of powerful protection and was often buried with mummified Egyptians to help with safe passage to the afterlife. It was used in the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest and is said to be the rock upon which Christ would build his church.

Jasper is still widely used today and is an important stone in crystal healing. Those who wish to work through emotional issues and past traumas will find that jasper brings immense comfort and peace. While working through our issues isn’t always the easiest, jasper helps to ease one into a comfortable mental space where facing our troubles is much easier.

For those looking to improve their mental capabilities, jasper can provide much needed energy in this aspect. If you’re looking to learn something new, a piece of jasper in your learning space will prove to be very useful. Jasper will help with anything that requires mental effort and can help ease problems with one’s mental process.

Jasper is often used when working with one’s chakras. Not only does it help to align all chakras and bring balance to our energy centers, but different varieties of jasper will work with different chakras according to color and specific energies.

While the color range of jasper is quite extensive to say the least, below are some of the more popular colors of jasper used in crystal healing.

Black Jasper

Although one of the rarest colors of jasper, black jasper is one of the most powerful forms of this stone for working with darker energies. It helps to protect one against danger, threats, and curses…working fabulously for those who partake in high risk occupations. It is excellent for helping one reach altered states of consciousness and will enable one to experience foretelling visions and dreams.

Brown Jasper

Brown jasper is deeply connected with the Earth’s energies and can be an extremely grounding stone. It can offer one stability and brings balance when one feels they have lost touch. It is excellent for helping one reach a meditative state and can provide deep insight to past life energy while offering healing on a karmic level. It makes for a great “worry stone” and can help dispel anger and fear.

Blue Jasper

Excellent for relieving stress, blue jasper is often used for those responsible for the wellbeing of others. This makes blue jasper an amazing stone for parents or caretakers of any kind. It’s a good stone for teenagers and older children as it helps them to refrain from participating in dangerous behavior and uncertain situations. Blue jasper also encourages one to defend the helpless and speak out against injustice.

Dalmatian Jasper

This pale grey or creamy color jasper with darker spots is one that is extremely protective and very healing. It helps one work though disappointment and doubt, bringing a clearer sense of purpose and a lighter disposition. Dalmatian jasper helps to strengthen the spirit and can bring a more playful attitude when things become too serious. It is a great stone for strengthening bonds amongst family and friends. It also helps to calm animals and children.

Mookiate Jasper

This reddish rose color variety of jasper is one that deeply connects us to the Earth. It helps to increase physical energy and life force, while encouraging one to accept and flow with change. For those looking to embrace new experiences, Mookiate jasper (named for the Mooka creek region in Australia where it’s found) will help one bravely seek the unknown. It helps one embrace their instinctual nature. It is also an awesome stone for pregnant parents who wish to communicate with their unborn child.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper comes from the Sea of Madagascar, where it is mined at low tide. This particular form of jasper helps one to see the connectedness of all things and provides a very nurturing energy. When one uses ocean jasper regularly they will find more empathy for others as well as more love for themselves. It is also excellent for enhancing a meditative state.


Wearing or carrying jasper is an excellent way to bring more tranquility, calm, and balance to your life. Great for soothing frayed nerves and balancing both emotions and the physical body. The calming energy jasper provides, offers protection and is excellent for increasing focus and drive. This is truly a stone of unique beauty and will encourage the user to embrace their own inner beauty and radiate this brilliance to the world.

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