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5 Things You’ll Gain from a Daily Meditation Practice

The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear

We could all benefit from more meditation. Whether you’re new to meditation or have been meditating on and off for years, you’re more than likely feeling the weight of the modern world. There’s no denying that we’re running on overdrive…with most of us left seriously stressed out and often extremely unfulfilled.

Meditation can change this. And ultimately change your entire life. Like seriously change your life. When we take the time to bring awareness to our breath, something begins to shift inside of us. Meditation can truly give us the peace we’re all inherently seeking…and all we have to do is breathe.

Why Meditation is So Good for You

Life can get crazy, but we don’t have to get crazy along with it. When we choose to take up a regular meditation practice we begin to transform our minds. And rather than reacting to the chaos in the world around us we begin to better handle whatever life may throw our way.

When we choose to meditate, we are literally choosing to change the way our brain functions. There’s a reason meditation invokes a sense of calm awareness. Meditation actually changes the brain by increasing activity in the parts of the brain that process reactions based on stress and areas of the brain associated with focus, stillness, and calm.

That’s right. Meditation supercharges the brain with the things that make us feel good and helps us let go of the things that don’t. No wonder it’s become wildly popular in Western culture.

The Benefits of a Regular Meditation Practice

When we begin to meditate regularly we reap the benefits even when we aren’t meditating. Just five minutes of meditation a day has the potential to dramatically change your life. It’s the perfect practice to make you feel real, real good.

What’s more is that the benefits you’ll receive from meditating regularly will help you bring calm and balance to life, but if you do it a little bit each day you’ll also see relationships begin to improve as well.

Choosing to incorporate meditation into your daily routine is honestly one of the best things you could do for yourself and the quality of your life.

5 Things You’ll Gain from Daily Meditation

1. Deeper Connection to Yourself and Others

Meditation has an amazing way of bringing us closer to ourselves. Great at calming the “monkey mind” and all those incessant thoughts that keep us from experiencing ourselves as whom we really are, meditation offers a deeper connection to self. And with this deeper connection to self, we in turn find a deeper connection to others. From family and friends to co-workers and acquaintances, relationships become more fulfilling and take on deeper meaning. 

2. Increased Awareness

With the increased awareness a daily meditation practice offers, life just seems to open up more. By becoming more aware of ourselves we become more aware of the world around us. Colors seem to vibrate with a brighter hue, things tend to taste better, and music sounds that more beautiful. Not only does meditation increase awareness and raise our senses, but also urges us to become more aware of others. Meditate daily and you’ll find yourself filled with more compassion and understanding than you’ve ever experienced before simply because you’re more aware of yourself and everything else in the world around you.

3. Lower Stress Levels

The fact that regular meditation lowers stress levels may be the number one reason it’s become so wildly popular in recent years. Meditation helps to counteract the “flight or fight” response we all experience when hit with stress. Daily meditation trains us to engage in mindful, slower breathing which actually helps to decrease pulse rate and blood pressure. Meditation also lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. More meditation simply equals less stress. And it doesn’t take but a few days of focused breathing (for like ten minutes a day) to notice positive changes.

4. Increased Calm and Clarity

People that regularly meditate seem to exude a radiant sense of calm. This is because meditation helps to seriously center our energy and keep our minds from being scattered all over the place. Because meditation helps to keep us in the present moment (even when we aren’t meditating) it allows us to move through our lives with a calmer energy. With this calm comes a deeper clarity that helps us to see, act, and engage with greater precision and grace.

5. Improved Concentration and Focus

Meditation is possibly the best technique you could employ to improve your concentration. If you experience difficulty in focusing on certain tasks or bounce from one project to the next without completing what you’ve started, meditation can seriously help. By focusing on one breath at a time we train the mind to focus on one task at a time. As the breathing slows our mental energy actually increases even though we tend to feel much calmer. The improved concentration meditation offers is especially good for better performance at work and in school but can truly help us in all areas of our busy lives.

When you make the decision to meditate daily you’re truly making a choice that will increase your quality of living. Meditating for just five minutes a day (seriously) will completely change your life and give you that peace of mind, focus, concentration, and clarity you’ve been looking for. And the fact that it’s so great for stress management makes it that much better.

We’ve all got an extra five or ten minutes a day that can be used to meditate. By making this commitment to yourself you’re not just going to feel better yourself, but you’re going to feel better about the entire world around you. From a better relationship with yourself and others to increased awareness and mental clarity, a daily meditation practice is a must for those who wish to live life inspired and touch upon deeper meaning and universal connectedness.

Thank You for taking the time to read this post and I hope it has inspired you to take up a daily meditation practice. I can honestly say that nothing has made a bigger impact on my happiness and well being than daily meditation

Namaste  🙏

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